What do parents and families need to do to ensure safety protocols?

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As many of the protocols for in-person learning have changed, if your child has a temperature in the morning, please keep them home.

Do not send them to school on a fever reducer such as Tylenol, etc. The BRT (Building Response Team) will be taking temperature checks in the morning upon entry.

If a student is deemed to have a temperature by our nurse, you or someone on the blue card will be required to pick them up.

Please make sure that the most up to date telephone number(s), email address, etc. is on file at the school. Please understand upon entry to the building, adults will have their temperatures checked as well; anyone with a temperature over 100.0 will not be granted access to the building.

Due to the limited spacing that we have (as we are short one building), we are asking all parents to make appointments prior to coming to the building; by doing this, we can ensure ample space and social distancing requirements can be met.

All students and adults must wear masks in the building at all times; any person who refuses to wear a mask will be denied entry.

We will be hosting most meetings via ‘Zoom’ or some other platform such as ‘Google Meet’; please understand at this point, the health and safety of our entire school community is our top priority.