• My Program Philosophy

    Dear Parents or Guardians,

    I would like to welcome you and your child to The Eastern Hemisphere- a fascinating course that I am excited to be teaching! Please consider getting involved in your child's education throughout the term. By doing so, you can help your son or daughter succeed and maybe even enjoy learning something new yourself. And why not? The more we all know about the world around us, the more we can make sense of events happening in the world today.

    Throughout the Eastern Hemisphere course your son or daughter will be using the text Holt McDougal Eastern Hemisphere for reference, as well as homework assignments. In addition, in class we will be using the resource book Passport to Social Studies. The resources provides a thorough introduction to geography and a regional approach to exploring Africa, Asia, and Europe. This important information is presented through an informative and richly illustrated narrative, supported by a strong map program, reading questions that check your child's comprehension and special features that enliven the study of geography.

    The Sixth Grade Social Studies curriculum will cover:
    • learn about the people, places, and cultures of the Eastern Hemisphere
    • Geography
    • Early Man
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome
    • Medieval Era
    • Asian History (China, India)
    • History of Religions- Christianity/Catholic, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
    • Renaissance Era
    • Africa
    • see connections between the United States and the countries of the Eastern Hemisphere
    • develop a strong understanding and appreciation of the basic principles of geography
    • understand the important role that geography has played throughout history
    • see how geography influences his or her life on a daily basis
    • recognize connections between geography and other disciplines
    • build a solid Social Studies and academic vocabulary
    • develop thinking skills that support the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and solve real-life problems
    • Have fun!!

    I would appreciate your help in furthering these goals. Simply encouraging your child as he or she explores eastern world geography will go a long way! Thank you for being an important part of your child's learning experience this year.


    Mrs. Goldberg

    Contact Phone Number: 314-455-6445