•   Welcome to Ms. Ferraro's 7th grade SCIENCE webpage.   
    email  Kferraro@IS.234                                                          705, 708, 710 and 717. 
    class rules and policies             new rules for second quarter are highlighted in purple
    • Students must read and record the Instructonal Objective and the date for each lesson in class. The purpose of this is to understand what they are learning and why.
    • A full heading is required on looseleaf, but not in the marble notebook.
    • Instructional objectives (formally called Aims:) all worksheets and homework must be listed in the table of contents with the page number and date. 

    • Pages must be numbered inside the book on the bottom, except for glossary. book log or table of contents. 

    • Independent Book Log (up to 10 book points mandatory for second quarter ( 5 for the first quarter ) Each entry must include the title, author and publisher of the book. Also, 3 new facts you learned that are described in the book, written in descriptive, full sentences. There is an additional task of writing 2 questions generated from reading the book for the second quarter. 

    • Glossary should include all posted vocabulary words and their definitions. AND New Starting 2nd quarter The word used in a descriptive sentence.  

    • Please make sure all returned papers are securely glued in.  They are the evidence that your child is performing well. 
    • All students should come to school with a science marble notebook, black or blue pens,  #2 pencils, glue sticks and ear buds ( for IPADS)  every day. 
    • Students should carry a Science folder for loose homework papers that are collected and a planner for writing down assignments.
    • Be advised that gum, food, sugary beverages, outerwaer, hats and hoods are not permitted in classrooms. 
    Students are not permitted to use their cell phones, even for checking the time.