•   Welcome to Ms. K Ferraro's 6th grade SCIENCE webpage

    I am so looking forward to a great year in Science !    You may reach me at the following email for any concerns:   Kferraro@IS.234.org          
    Classes include 600, 601, 602, 606 and Marine Science 7th grade enrichment.  602 will meet with Ms. Ferraro for homeroom in room A107. 
    Please bring the following school supplies to Science class every day.  A marble notebook, one folder, several sharpened pencils, a blue or black pen, glue stick. 
    A set of earbuds for use with our class set of Ipads are also needed.  Earbuds are not to be worn in the hallways. 
    A donation of one the follwing will be greatly appreciated.     CHOOSE ONE: Paper towels, tissue, baby or hand wipes, hand sanitizer, or a ream of copy paper. 
    A basic watch is useful, but not mandatory.  Please be advised that cell phones and smart watches are not permitted to be turned on in school.  
    Access to the internet will be needed for future homeworks and projects. We are planning field trips and need chaperones, dates to be announced. 
    Please be advised that there is more than one Ms. Ferraro in the building.