• Welcome to Ms. Ferraro's SCIENCE webpage.   Kferraro@IS.234.org

     Please be advised the the trip to the NY Aquarium has been cancelled, due to lack of signed permission slips and enough volunteer chaperones. Thank you for the parents/ guardians who volunteered.   

    4th quarter Voluntary Science Projects: Instructions to be posted. A parent signature will be required for this opportunity. 
    EXTRA CREDIT: Please use the Urban Advantage vouchers and the participating zoos, botanical gardens and museums for extra credit. Bring a photo of the student at the facility and a brochure or map or other proof of when they were there. These will be incorporated into a bulletin board of thanks to UA. 

    Book Log Extra Credit: Read a non-fiction Science book. In your notebook book log,

    • write the title, author and publisher of the book.
    • Write a sentence about why you chose this book.
    • Then write at least 3 sentences to describe 3 interesting facts you learned from the book. You can score up to 5 points per quarter.     


    Kahoot link https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=27ae504b-628f-4e44-a199-3e1802a30