•  Welcome to Ms. Fattah Web Page!

    Name: Sue Fattah                                                   
    Email Address: sfattah@is234.org
    Phone number:718-645-1334 ext 2160
    Google Voice: 203-583-3828
    Dear Students in class C03, C04, C05
    Welcome to Cunningham I.S. 234 Algebra 1.  I am looking forward to the beginning of a successful school year and I hope that you are too!  I would like to give you a little bit of information about my class. 
    I will meet the class both virutally ( Day 1-Day 4)  and in person (Day 5-Day 6).  For the virtual classes, it is important to be on time and ready to work.  You should have a dedicated notebook for math and a TI 84 plus CE calculator.  Most of the lessons will be in google slides with an interactive component. 
    Your online textbook will provided you with your homework, pre and post assessments and performance tasks and of course lots of practice.
    Each day a new concept is introduced and practiced.   Instruction will be provided either synchronously or asynchronously.
    Quizzes will be given once a week and tests will be given every two weeks.  In addition, there will be exit or entry tickets to assess if you have mastered the concepts presented in class.  
    YOU WILL HAVE HOMEWORK EVERYDAY!!  This will reinforce the concepts taught in class.   If you are unsure about how to work a problem, ASK FOR HELP!!  

    I expect that you come to class ready to engage and PARTICIPATE.  If you are involved you will learn more.  
    I have very high expectations for all of my students, and I am excited about the challenges that the new school year brings.   I look forward to the opportunity to have you in class, and I am anxious to get the year started on the right note.  Remember, BE PREPARED and work hard and you are already on the right path to success!