• Hello Classes and Welcome! BELOW THIS TEXT IS MY PROGRAM, which also shows your classes.

    I am Ms. Waka and will be teaching Classes A24, A25, and A26 for 6th grade ELA.

    I will be teaching B24 ad B25 for 7th grade ELA.

    I will be teaching clasees C24, C25 and C26 for the 8th graders!



    Classes D13 on Days 3 and 4 (It is UNDER my teacher program you see below.)

    Class ABC and Day 4. (It is also listed in my program below.)


    This may be the most challenging, but the most rewarding year we experience together. We are in this together, we will have adventures, and you most certainly will advance in your ELA reading and writing skills, for sure.


    I look forward to meeting most of you in person next week!


    Ms. Waka


All Schedules for Classes for Ms. Waka
  • Class D13: Day 3, Period 1

    008:15-8;35 am Synchronous- Live Online 

    08;35:-9:00 am Asynchronous- Independent Work Online


    Class D13: Day 4, Period 1

    8:15-8:35 am Synchronous- Live Online 

    8:35-9:00 am Asynchronous- Independent Work 



    Class ABC: Day 3, Period 7

    12:57-1:15 pm Synchronous- Live Online 

    1:15-1:45 pm Asynchronous- Independent Work