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    Name: Mrs. Alyssa Dube
    Email Address: adube@is234.org
    Phone Number: (314) 455-6458
    I am available between the hours of 8am-2:20pm.  All after hour inquires should be made via email at adube@is234.org

    Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies and World history!  In this class we will be learning about early Eastern civilizations and geography.  This will include an introdiction to geography, the early peoples of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras, the ancient rivervalley civilizations, major world religions, the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as various other topics in eastern ancient history. 
    Get ready to open up your minds to think, question and grow through the rich history which this great country has offered us and continues to day by day! 
    Remember my philosophy:  Perfection is never possible, but always trying our best is!  Live your life everyday with L.U.C.K (Love, Understanding, Caring and Kindness) and luck will come back to you!
    For virtual Learning until 4/20/20- All information can be found on your Google Classrooms.  Below is the link for each of my classes this year:
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