• Hi guys, 


    As I'm sure we're all thinking, the situation we're in is not ideal.  However, we are NYers  - we can get through anything.  So, over the next few weeks of forced "home-based schooling," I will be posting all of the expected work you will need to do on Google Classroom.  There are links to both Google Classroom (if you sign into your Cunningham email, you can then get into Classroom without logging in separately) and Big Ideas Math just above and to the right of this message.  I will be posting other things as well - math videos and other helpful resources.  As ever, you can email me at any time at bmajor@is234.org (I will be checking multiple times daily, but only between 7am and 9 pm).  Stay safe, and keep in mind, we will all get through this.

    -Mr. Major

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