• Name: Lucienne Pereira

    Email: lpereira@is234.org

    Phone: (314) 451-1912

    School website: www.is234.com


    I am teaching 6th,7th, 8th required visual arts classes , as of October 6, fully online. This semester will offer the  opportunity for  students to learn more in depth about Art History and artists. 

    We will explore a variety of art styles by watching videos of  artists at work, making museum tours, and having discussions. The "hands-on" part of our program will happen digitally. 

    W.A. Cunningham school 's population has a rich cultural diversity and we will explore such diversity through art!

    I am originally from Brazil but have been living in the US for more then 20 years. I have also lived for almost 4 years in the Netherlands.

    I am looking forward to this semester!

    Ms. Pereira

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    Thank you!

    Ms. Pereira