• Greetings to Parents and Students,

    My Name is Mr. Nguyen. I am the Science teacher for classes 706, 707. and 709. I am the Technology teacher for classes 600, 601, and 602.

    Due to the Corona virus pandemic, I will be conducting remote learning starting Monday, March 23rd. If students have me for Science or Technology classes, please log into Google Classroom according to your regular scheduled class time. In Google Classroom, students will find my assignment for each class each school day. Students will be submitting their work through Google Classroom, and attendance will be taken everyday.


    If you need help with G-Suite or PupilPath, you can email Ms. Miskanic or Ms. Camillieri.

    G-Suite help jmiskanic@is234.org

    PupilPath help jcamillieri@is234.org


    New York City Department of Education Internet Usage Policy.  

    If you have any concerns or questions, please email me at tnguyen@is234.org.