Name: Ms. McTernan
    Email Address: lmcternan@is234.org
    Phone number: Google voice #: ‪(646) 481-1256‬

     Welcome Parents and Students!


    Update 10/6/2020 - If you can not find your class, email me at Lmcternan@is234.org. 

    All classes will be REMOTE until further notice. 




    6th Grade will be focusing on "The Elements of Art"

    7th Grade will be focusing on "Art & Design" and learning about commercial forms of art such as interior design, industrial design, graphic design, fashion design and more.

    8th Grade will be doing an "Arts Appreciation" program and will be learning about different forms of fine art and artists. 


    GRADING SCALE                                                          GRADING CRITERIA

    90-100= A                                                                     Projects                              25%

    80-89= B                                                                       Assessments                     20%

     70-79=C                                                                       Class Participation            20%

     60-69= D                                                                      Portfolios (classwork)       25%

     59--F                                                                             Homework                         10%

    Rubric provided on project to project basis. All assignments must be completed to receive a passing grade. 

    Please follow us Instagram to see some of the great works of art created by our students (both in class and remotely)!


    Thank you,

    Ms. Lisanne McTernan 


    315 - 992-7973


McTernan Schedule
  • D06: Day 3, Period 7

    12:57-1:20pm Synchronous- Live Online 

    1:20-1:45pm Asynchronous- Independent Work Online