• Welcome to Ms. Mikoda's Webpage!

    Name: Jennifer Mikoda                                                        Email Address: JMikoda@IS234.ORGpic

    Welcome to Ms. Mikoda's webpage. Please visit my webpage daily for information about your class instruction. I will include any important news or update information. Furthermore, please refer to the links that I provide to help in aiding you in your studies. Im looking forward to working with you this year, if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me. 
    Important Links:
    * Please log on to Pupil daily in order to see your child's progress from class. Here we will be uploading his/her homework scores, important notices, homework assignments and or communication from the teacher to parent/guardian.
    *Khan Academy is a great resource for any of your academic needs. This website allows you to watch videos on any topics that your child will be learning about in school. It is a great source to review, look for help, and to get accumulated with new material.