Hello! Welcome to Mr. Xia's Webpage!

    All work and announcements will now be on Google Classroom.
    Any information about Parent Teacher Conferences later in the year will be sent via G-Mail to your child's e-mail.
    Please use classroom.google.com to enter the Science Google Classroom.
    If you are a student, you can access the Google Classroom using your is234.org G-Mail account.
    If you are a parent, you can be added to your child's classroom by sending me an e-mail with your personal e-mail and the full name and class of your child. 
    An assignment will be posted each day in the classroom with step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done, along with class notes, and occasionally a recording of the lesson itself. 
    For any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me at hxia@is234.org 
    I will return your email as soon as possible.