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    6th Grade Curriculum
    • Metric System and Scientific Method (September) 
    • Energy Transformations (October to November)
    • Ecosystems/Ecology (December to January)
    • Weather and Climate (February to March)
    • Human Impact on Earth's Climate (April to May)
    • Electricity and Magnetism (May to June)
    Grading Policy:
    • 20% Projects (Lab Reports, Essays)
    • 25% Assessments (Exams, Quizzes)
    • 15% Homework
    • 25% Portfolios (Lab Notebook and Classwork)
    • 15% Class Participation
    Class Rules:
    1.  Enter room silently.
    2.  Take out your notebook and a pen. Be ready to work. 
    3.  Respect each other.
    4.  No throwing objects or horseplay in the classroom. 
    5.  Ask for permission, sign out, and take a pass before leaving the room for any reason.

    Class Required Items:

    1. Marble Notebook
    2. Pen and Pencil
    3. Regular 2 Flap Folder
    4. Yellow Highlighter
    5. Glue Stick or Tape