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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Adolescent Mathematics Masters in School Administration

Ms. Clarke Ciscart


I am Ms. Ciscart. I will be your math teacher this year.  I am excited be on this journey with you. For the 12 years, I have been a teacher, I've held one component as the core of being  effective teacher, it is RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships is EVERYTHING! It is important to develop strong relationships with students and caregivers.  Time and time it has been proven, in my experience, that by creatiing strong relationships students learn better in any classroom. This relationship is formed by RESPECT for each other. Strong and authenic relationships between a student sand their teachers creates a trusting environment which allows for teachers to develop the whole child. 

It is my goal to help develop my students to become critical thinkers. Critical thinking allows them to be great  problems solvers in the math class but most importantly, in real life situations as well.  Developing the whole child fosters resiliency when confronted with challenges which is gratifying to children and adults like.

I create a safe space for my students which create immense opportuniti es for learning. I welcome mistakes in the classroom because we use them as teachable moments. Another, core component is GRIT believing in yourself and perservering as face obstactacles.  I believe that ALL of my students are mathematicians and I expect each of my students to believe that as well. 

We are all are experiencing the COVID challenge together, for the 7th and 8th graders, I'm certain  you  remember me as your the lunchroom supervisor last year, you would  know that SAFETY was my #1 goal. I would always say "SAFETY FIRST".  This school year it so important that it becomes your mantra as well. It is imperative that remember our responsibilities in the classroom.  We need to create a safe environment for each other. We will always need to wear our mask and stay six feet away from each at ALL times. In addition, we are not allowed to share food, writing utensils , paper etc. 

I welcome you all to 2020/2021 school year. Let's show the world that we can overcome any challenge once we work together. 

Let's Do This!

Ms. Ciscart.


  • D16- SKILL C 

    Day 4 /pd. 6 

    SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING 12:10pm -12:25pm

    ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING -12:26pm - 12:57pm 


    D24- SKILL A

    Day 1/pd.1 

    SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING 8:15am - 8:30am

    ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING -8:31am - 9:02am 

    Day 5/pd. 7

    SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING 12:57pm - 1:13pm

    ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING -1:14pm - 1:45pm 


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  • Supply List

    Students are NOT allowed to share supplies.



    a charged electronic device

    a working headphone ( bluetooth not allowed)

    5 mechanical pencils 

    2 colored pens

    1 notebook


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     Please login to to your account and accept the invitation to your classes in google classroom.

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    1. Try your best
    2. Respect one another
    3. Be polite to each other- Positive constructive feedback  
    4. Listen to the person speaking.Wait for the person to finish speaking prior to adding on or providing comments
    5. Raise your hand and wait for permission to share your response. Share your knowledge with your group/class
    6. Knock on your desk twice if you need my assistance if I happen to be working with a student  at that time.
    7. Raise your hand and wait for permission before leaving your seat
    8. Come to class prepared and on time with a charged electronic device and headphones  (in school)  
    9. Assignments completed by due date.  
    10. Follow the proper etiquette rules for Digital Citizenship (Form will be sent home)
    11. Masks are to be worn at ALL TIMES (with the exception of eating breakfast and lunch)
    12. NO eating during instruction with the exception of eating breakfast and lunch periods.
    13. Social Distance at ALL TIMES
    14. Remote: Write your question in your private comments, ask me a question during live meets. 



    1.     Verbal Warning
    2.     Zero
    3.     Phone call home
    4.     Parent Conference

    Conduct Grade on your report card

    Zeros                    Conduct Grade

    0-1  Zero                Excellent (E)

    2-4  Zeros              Satisfactory (S)

    5-6  Zeros               Needs Improvement (N)

    7 zeros or more      Unsatisfactory on the report card.