Cunningham provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. The faculty empowers all students to learn today and lead tomorrow. We uphold rigorous academic standards and expectations for students in literacy, numeracy, technology, and social citizenship. We commit to the belief that all students can learn, grow, and succeed through effort, perseverance, and diligence.


    Our school shares a collective vision which includes:


    • Raising the achievement levels of students to a rate far above similar schools in the city.
    • Providing every student with the opportunity to meet his/her potential utilizing a differentiated approach to teaching and learning.
    • A school climate that recognizes and celebrates student and teacher accomplishments.
    • Motivating staff to be lifelong learners; to take courses for professional growth, participate in study groups, read professional journals and to employ new strategies and techniques in their teaching.
    • Creating a school climate where differences are explored and celebrated.
    • Challenging both faculty and students to undertake new opportunities and providing such opportunities as they arise.
    •  Exposing children to as many enrichment programs as possible, including, art, music, theatre, and museums.
    • Using NYC as a classroom extension for cultural enrichment.
    • Inviting and supporting parent and community involvement and participate in school policy, programs and events.
    • Acculturating and assimilating ELL’s into the student population.
    • Integrating students with disabilities into the mainstream population wherever possible.


Last Modified on December 17, 2009