• Dear Students and Parents:


    The faculty of Cunningham is dedicated to providing their students with the best possible foundation so that students will do well in high school, college, and career.  In order to do this, students must develop their thinking and communication skills so that their ideas can be expressed clearly. 


    Unfortunately, we've noticed a persistent problem in too many classrooms and we need to make both students and parents aware of the problem: plagiarism. Plagiarism is passing off someone else's ideas, words or images as though they were your own.  It applies equally to the work of other students as to published and online sources. When students do research in books, magazines, or on the Internet, they are expected to consider what they've read and express themselves in their own words.  You cannot copy or 'cut and paste' the words you've found in other sources.  You can only do that when you give credit to the author of those words.  You cannot hand in assignments to teachers that have not been written exclusively by you unless you "cite" your sources (your teachers will teach you how to do this properly).


     We ask that parents continue to oversee the work their children hand in to their teachers and to remind them that plagiarism is a form of stealing (yes, ideas and words BELONG to their authors!)  Plagiarism is not only unethical, but is in violation of Department of Education rules and could lead to severe consequences including suspension or expulsion from school. 

    We believe that every one of our students has the ability to be thoughtful, original, and ethical.  If anyone requires further information on this subject, speak with your teachers, or administrators.  We are here to help you reach your potential.


    Thanks for your cooperation.





Last Modified on May 9, 2020