Room A105

    Library News


    The virtual library is open!  Click here to go to the Google Classroom for the Library.  If you need an invitation to join the Google Classroom for the Library, please email Ms. Truss at dtruss@is234.org


    Contact Ms. Truss live every school day from 7:30 - 8:00am and 10:27am - 1:33pm via Google hangouts instant messenger.  If you have joined the Library Google Classroom, you will find instructions on how to use Google hangouts (it's so easy!).  This will allow me to help you one on one in real time!


    You may also contact Ms. Truss anytime via email or through one of the help request forms below and you will receive a prompt reply! 


    **Important: Please DO NOT WORRY if you have any books checked out at this time.  You can return books when the school reopens.  I will advance all due dates to April 20th for now, and I will advance it further if the date for school reopening is changed.** 


    Be well.  I miss you all!!!


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