• Check out the new iPads at Cunningham!! 
    • New levels of student engagement will be documented by teachers and the administration.
    • Students will become creators of academic content in ways not witnessed in the past.
    • Students will demonstrate more independence as learners and will be interdependent of their fellow students as they find new ways to personalize their learning.
    • Teachers will innovate classroom practice and demonstrate new ways to guide students to learning.
    • Creativity will become a part of the school culture.
    • Student achievement gains will be demonstrated.
    • 21st century skills including basic skills, decision making, cooperation, creativity, high productivity and inventive thinking will be taught and learned.
    • Increased student engagement will lead to higher attendance and positive student behavior.
    • The iPad is a natural tool for this endeavor and will open a world of new learning opportunities for our students.  Apple is a natural partner in this project because of their long history in public education, providing relevant professional development to teachers, education, and technical support.
    • Collaboration and cooperation between students, staff, and parents and community leveraging our new tools will be sought and nurtured.
    • New relationships will emerge between students and teachers, parents and their children, school and community, and students and their ever changing world.

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Last Modified on January 28, 2014