• Name: Ms. Roth
    Email Address: iroth3@schools.nyc.gov
    Phone number: 718-645-1334
    Welcome to United States History and Government/8th Grade Social Studies 2022-2023 (801-806). Last year you explored the development of America through various stages, from a sparsely populated land, through British colonization, colonial revolt and independence, the development of the new nation, sectionalism and its greatest challenge, the Civil War, as well as some of the other challenges it encountered in its early years. This year's curriculum will delve into the development of the United States from its "adolescence" to a mature "super-powered" adult. We will utilize a variety of primary and secondary sources from an array of media, such as print documents, photos, video clips, music, etc..., to analyze and discuss the role of the United States both at home and abroad.  I look forward to engaging in discussions that challenge us all, make us think and have fun.