Jill Simon Miskanic
    (516) 900-2549

    Hello. My name is Mrs. Miskanic. I am Cunningham's Digital Media Arts Teacher.  

    Media Arts

    Media art is understood to apply to all forms of time-related art works which are created by recording sound and/or visual images. Media artwork usually depends on a technological component to function. It includes both fine art and commercially-oriented works presented via film, television, radio, audio, video, the internet, interactive and mobile technologies, transmedia storytelling, and satellite.

    All public school students should have access to high-quality arts education, which may include dance, moving image, music, theater, and/or visual arts. An arts education teaches important life skills, such as creativity, cooperation, discipline, and analysis. Students are able to grow creatively and intellectually by having positive outlets for arts learning and self-expression.

    Students in grade 6, shall receive instruction that is designed to facilitate their attainment of the New York State's learning standards in the arts, including dance, music, theater, or visual arts. In my Digital Media class, your child will be learning The Moving Image.

    The Moving Image is divided into three types of media: Film, Television, and Animation. Each strand—Making Moving Images; Literacy; Connections; Cultural Resources; and Careers and Lifelong Learning—includes benchmarks, indicators of student learning, and suggested activities

    My lesson plans will align with the NYC Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning: The Moving Image

    Each benchmark grade level has five strands containing Benchmarks, Indicators, and Activities.

    1) Making Moving Images;

    2) Moving Image Literacy;

    3) Making Connections Through the Moving Image;

    4) Moving Image Community and Cultural Resources

    5) Moving Image Careers and Lifelong Learning.

    I will also be teaching Digital Citizenship Skills:

    • Digital Citizenship (Everfi) & applying Google Suite (Classroom, Docs, Gmail, Slides etc..)

    On this  my site, you will find my grading policy, rules, all assignments and the

    New York City Department of Education Internet Usage Policy.  

    I hope your child has a positive and enriching learning experience in my class.