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    Click Math, then N. Y., then Go

    Choose Book: Course 2 (6th grade)

    Click on:

    Home Tutor-will give mini lessons on all topics

    Eworkbook-practice all topics-will check if answers are correct

    Section Quizzes-practice tests by topic

    Chapter tests-practice tests by chapters


    Select: N.Y., student/parent, mathematics

    Enter Classroom Tools

    Click on: Multilingual eGlossary, select grade

    Math Dictionary in 12 different languages


    Visit Portaportal.com and find many math web site links

    Guest Access: type in mathcoach, then click on Visit


    Click on Textbook Companion Sites

    Start with clicking on PH Mathematics 2008/10 Middle School

    Click on Homework Video Tutors (all topics)

    Click on Lesson Quizzes (all topics)- scores your answers

    Click on Chapter Quizzes (multi-topics)-score your answers