• Welcome to Ms. K Ferraro's 6th grade SCIENCE webpage.                                                     email:  Kferraro@IS234.org   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        phone: 314-455-6575

    Pupilpath grades may have have shifted due to my equalizing of assignments. Some were counting more than others, now all 4th quarter classwork assignments will count equally now as part of the 70% of report card grade. 


    Distance Instruction 4th marking period will continue through June, according to The Mayor and School Chancellor.  I miss you so much!

    All lessons and work will be sent and collected through Google Classroom only. 

    The new grading policy is 70% classwork ( google exit tickets and Brainpop ) and 30% for online quizzes and end of chapter assessments.

    Google forms are left open for one submission for answers, so please study the resources provided and and verify before you submit. 

    Most grades (not enrichment)  will be included in your average on Pupilpath.

    It is the student's responsibility to check their Pupilpath and email me late or made up google forms and Brainpop quizes.

    Allow 24-36 to process the work.  If there is a reason you're not getting your assignment done, please reach out to me. 


    You may ask questions during class when I am monitoring each new lesson's live feed or send me an email for questions after regular school hours.

    You can also reach me by phone (314) 455-6575. 


    My school day starts at 8 am and ends 2:20 as always.  Assignments sent after school hours should be emailed to make sure I see it.  

    To afford time flexiblity, please allow 24-36 hours for Pupil path to be updated. 

    Please check Pupilpath for accuracy.  Students are expected to make up late required work.  These grades will make up the fourth quarter grades.

    You will have enough time to complete your work each day.  This webpage will be used for resources and support.

    If you are having difficulty or are feeling overwhelmed, you can reach out to your teachers.  We understand that this is a difficult time. 

    Stay indoors and stay safe. 
















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