• During class, students should ask themselves:

    • What are the main ideas of today’s lesson?
    • Was anything confusing or difficult?
    • If something isn’t making sense, what question should I ask the teacher?
    • Am I taking proper notes?
    • What can I do if I get stuck on a problem?

    Before a test, students should ask themselves:

    • What will be on the test?
    • What areas do I struggle with or feel confused about?
    • How much time should I set aside to prepare for an upcoming test?
    • Do I have the necessary materials (books, school supplies, a computer and online access, etc.) and a quiet place to study, with no distractions?
    • What strategies will I use to study? Is it enough to simply read and review the material, or will I take practice tests, study with a friend, or write note cards?
    • What grade would I get if I were to take the test right now?

    After a test, students should ask themselves:

    • What questions did I get wrong, and why did I get them wrong?
    • Were there any surprises during the test?
    • Was I well-prepared for the test?
    • What could I have done differently?