• September 2020


    Dear Students,

    My name is Mrs. Dube and I am going to be your 6th grade Social Studies remote teacher this year!  I know this is something that is somewhat new for all of us, but don’t you worry, we are going to work together and always be the best we can be.

    Let me start off by telling you a little about me.  I grew up in upstate New York around Albany, NY.  While a student, Social Studies and History was always my favorite subject.  I decided early on in life that I wanted to become a teacher and I went to college to do just that.  

    I have been teaching since 2001, became a teacher for the NYC DOE in 2002 and have been at WA Cunningham IS 234 since 2003.  I have taught over 3,000 students in my career so far and still keep in touch with some of my former students who have gone on to become teachers themselves!  

    I live out in Long Island with my husband, daughter named Rachel and 4-legged fur baby named Sarge.  My favorite things to do are cook, sing and collect sneakers. If you were to look in my closet, you would say I am a mild “sneaker head,” and own 18 pairs.  Something you wouldn't think about me is that I love things that are STEM based learning and exploration.  My daughter and I love creating little inventions and using various things around the house to create our masterpieces like homemade cars and rubber band rockets! 

    This past summer Hamilton the Musical came out on Disney Plus.  I was so excited because this musical is based on Alexander Hamilton who was one of America’s Founding Fathers and the talks about the Revolutionary War.  This combined two of my favorite things; music and history!  It became my personal goal to learn all of the songs and so far, I can say my family and I have done just that!  We often play the soundtrack while doing family activities.

    I know that this year will be challenging and full of questions.  I want you to know that I am here to support you.  We are a team.  Just like when playing my favorite sport, lacrosse, it is expected that we work together in order to “score a goal to success.”

    Below are some expectations I will have of you this year.

    1. Every time we have class, I will be hosting a “live teaching” session which you will be expected to be on time to and log into. A Google Meets link will be posted in your Google Classroom and you are also expected to stay this entire live session.
    2. While using Google Classroom which includes Live Instruction, there will be specific guidelines which will be adhered to.  A Google Form will be following which outlines these guidelines.  You will be asked to electronically sign these expectations and follow them daily. 
    3. Please be aware that I will post detailed directions everyday as to what you are expected to complete.  Only after reading these instructions, if you are still confused, please be sure to reach out to and ask.   My email address is: adube@is234.org.  Please be specific in your email as to what you need help with.  If there is a particular area which you are struggling with, then let me know that so as to be provided with a breakdown of exactly what is expected of you.
    4. Communication is very important.  You should be checking your email through your school assigned Google accounts often  Your email address will be FirstNameLastName@is234.org  Your password will be your OSIS Number.  Do NOT share this password with anyone.  If you have any technical issues, you should reach out to Mrs. Miskanic at JMiskanic@is234.org
    5. We can and will often have small group instruction groups live in addition to synchronous instruction.  I will let you know when to attend these at the end of our whole class Google Live.  This is why it is important to be on time and attend daily these Google Meets and be on time
    6. Assignments will be assigned on Google Classroom and are expected to be completed by a specific due date.  This due date is non negotiable.  I promise that enough time will be allotted per assignment and the amount of work assigned will be appropriate to the time given
    7. I will be available every day virtually for office hours- by appointment only (please reach out via email)- between the hours of 1:45pm-2:05pm Monday-Friday.  We can talk on the phone, have a Google Meet, etc.  I will not be available weekends and holidays.  
    8. Grading Policy:  There will be 4 grading quarters or marking periods this year.  Grading policy:TBA.  

    I am so excited to get to know you all this year.  Things may be a little different, but my excitement to teach you all is still the same!  No worries because we are all in this together!  Please feel free to email me at adube@is234.org if you have any questions.



    Mrs. Dube

    6th Grade Social Studies

    IS 234 WA Cunningham Middle School

    Email: adube@is234.org 
    Phone: (929) 376-2699