• Mrs. Dube's Homework Policy

    1)  All homework is to be done on the date due
    2)  All homework is expected to be completed as assigned
             -all short answer questions are answered in 2-3 detailed sentences
             -all sentences are complete, well thought out and answers are on point
             -all charts are filled out correctly, detailed and complete
    3)  All homework must have a proper heading AND be labeled with the chapter and section that has been completed.
    4)  All homework is to be completed is blue ink, black ink or pencil- no gel pens or colored pens is permitted.  You may type your assignments, but please bring a hard copy to class.  Flash drives, emailed homework will not be accepted.  Remember, if you choose to type it, you're choosing to print it.  IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO TYPE YOUR HOMEWORK.
    5)  Long term assignments (assignments that students are allotted over a weeks time to complete) must be in on the due date.  If assignment is turned in on due date, a phone call will be made home to the parent/guardian.  Student ill have up to two days to hand in assignment post due date, however, for every day late a 10 point penalty will be applied.  After day three of lateness, the assignments will not be accepted.

    *if a valid attempt is made, but homework is NOT complete as assigned, the student be given ONE OPPORTUNITY PER MARKING PERIOD to make up ONE incomplete homework. ANY INCOMPLETE HOMEWORK AFTER THE ONE MAKEUP WILL BE CONSIDERED A ZERO MARK AND WILL COUNT AGAINST THE STUDENT'S GRADE FOR THAT MARKING PERIOD IN WHICH THE HOMEWORK WAS ASSIGNED.  It is the student's responsibility to show a completed work the next day.
    *if student comes in with no homework, or no attempt has been made to complete, a zero will be assigned and may NOT be made up
    *only ONE makeup of a homework or  "get out of jail free card" will be allowed per marking period.  These DO NOT roll over from marking period to marking period. 

    Make ups are allowed under the following circumstances and will not be marked zero:
    1)  Student illness
    2)  Family emergency with note from a parent/guardian or email from parent/guardian

    FYI:  Extra circular actives (i.e. piano lessons, dance, martial arts) will NOT count as an "emergency" to miss homework.