Grading Policy for Physical Education

Expectations, Rules & Regulations

  • Dear Students of Cohort…

    We would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year. This year is going to be very different compared to what you would usually expect from a physical education program. Here are some things that you need to be aware of as we start this “unprecedented” year. 

    This year you may have multiple physical education teachers. It is important to note that each teacher may have a different way of conducting day to day procedures but policies will remain the same. Here are some expectations for this year.


    Expectations and Procedures

    1.       Please make sure to complete all work in a timely fashion.

    2.       Communicate clearly and professionally; email is not a text message.

    a.       Example, “Yo, waddup” is not professional or exemplary. “Hi/Hello, Mr/Ms. I have a question.” That is professional and acceptable.

    3.       If you have an individual question or concern, please email your teacher and please attach a working contact if you would like to speak to the teacher directly.

    4.       If you are absent from class in person or remotely, after 2 consecutive days your parent/guardian will be contacted.

    5.       Check your email frequently, as it will be updated throughout the day.

    6.       Keep the feed/stream class related ONLY, no private conversations; repeated offense will lead to disciplinary action.

    7.       When in person, masks MUST be worn at all times, unless eating/drinking (Water ONLY)

    8.       Breakfast will be the first 10 minutes of 1st period; Lunch will be the first 10 minutes of 6th period.

    9.       These two periods are INSTRUCTIONAL, so please be ready to eat and work.

    After you are done eating you must put your mask back on.

    Place all garbage in the bag and wait for your teacher to give you permission to dispose of it.


    Rules and Regulations

    1.       The desks are not to be moved as they are exactly 6 feet apart.

    2.       Do not share materials, utensils, masks, water bottles or any other personal items at ANY time for any reason.

    3.       All work will be done on google classroom, whether you are in person or remote, please familiarize yourself with how it works. There will be no excuses as to why you couldn’t submit it.