• Mr. Nguyen’s Technology  (Room 121)

    Mr. Nguyen’s Science  (Room 403)




    Assignment 1:  

    You must know your passwords for:

    1. Your school Google G-Suite Account.
    2. Your PupilPath account.
    3. This contract signed FRONT AND BACK by you and your parent or guardian.
    4. Technology will be using cameras and video. A NYCDOE Consent to Photograph, Film, or Videotape a Student for Non-Profit Use (back of this page)



    1. Be on-time, on task & prepared to learn EVERYDAY.
    2. Keep all personal electronics PUT AWAY!
    3. BE RESPONSIBLE for your own learning.
    4. RESPECT the teacher, the classroom and & other students.
    5. Follow classroom procedures.



    Grading Policy

    20% Projects

    25% Assessment (formative and summative)

    25% Portfolios (classwork)

    15% Class Participation

    15% Homework


    Parent's signature_____________________________________________________  Date________________

     *I know my child’s  logins and passwords.



    Student's signature____________________________________________________  Date______________

     *I know my login and passwords.