25 % Exams and quizzes: We will alternate between Quizzes and Exams weekly.
    ** If you are absent on a quiz or exam day, you must see me at lunch or after school on Tuesday to take a
    make-up exam. If a make-up exam is not taken a zero will be recorded as a score.
    25 % Labs (Classwork Portfolio): Any student absent for a lab must make it up during their lunch period or afterschool the week they return to school.

    ** There is not an indefinite amount of time to make up labs.
    **** All labs must be completed to take the regents exam in June
    20% Project: At least one project will be given each Quarter that will relate to the Quarter’s overarching curriculum.
    15% Homework – will be given on a regular basis. Make up homework’s are only accepted if student was absent.
    15% Class Participation
    Contributions during class time will be counted into student’s grade. Keep in mind in order to participate you must be present and prepared. Excessive absences and tardiness will have a negative effect on student grade. Please keep in mind this includes 1st period classes.

    **** 3 Lateness will result in a 5 point loss on final grade.
    ***** Upon successful completion of this course and lab work, students’ will be taking the NYS Board of Living Environment Regents Exam. Passing the exam and the course will provide the students with one year of high school science credit.



    1. Come to class on time.
    2. Be prepared with a binder/notebook, pen and pencil.
    3. Follow directions and listen carefully to others.
    4. Respect others, yourself and all personal and school property.
    5. Complete all assignments on time.
    6. Keep all electronic devices away.
    7. No eating drinking or gum chewing in the classroom.