• Undergraduate School                       From 1998 - 2002

    Pace University: New York, NY    Bachelor of Art                                                                         

    Major: Computer Science                  Minor: Chemistry

    Graduate School                                From 2008 -2006

    Brooklyn College: Brooklyn, NY   Master of Science in Educational Leadership                         

    Brooklyn College: Brooklyn, NY   Master of Art in Science Education                                          

    NYS Certifications

    • New York State School Building Leader (SBL) Certificate
    • New York State School District Leader(SDL) Certificate
    • New York State Permanent License in Chemistry and General Science (7-12)

    NYC License
          Certified to teach in New York City Middle School students grades 7-12

          Mr. Nguyen has been employed by the NYC DOE since the fall of 2002.

    Teaching Experience

          I have taught Technology(Javascripts, Q-basic, Web Design, Java, Microsoft Office) and Science (Middle School Science and High School General Science/Chemistry) since 2002.