Name: Ms. McTernan
    Email Address: lmcternan@is234.org
    Phone number:718-645-1334

    Welcome Parents and Students!

    I look forward to teaching art to grades 6,7 and 8 in room 315 this year! Please read the following about what supplies are needed, about the class, rules and expectations to succeed in class this year.


    Firstly, please ALWAYS come prepared to class with:

    a pencil

    an eraser

    a hand held pencil sharpener

    a black fine line marker such as a sharpie, flair or gel pen.

    In addition!

    Baby or Clorox Wipes, Paper Towels, Tissues Needed

    *Donations Needed and Appreciated to Keep our Room Clean and Sanitary*

    Also looking for unwanted magazines with pictures to use for collage projects. 

    No donation is too small!!!


    About what we are learning:

    My goal is to have your child have the opportunity to express themselves and get working knowledge of different artistic techniques. They will also be learning about different genres of visual art as well as art history.

    We will be doing drawing, painting and mixed media projects. Within these projects students will be learning about the elements of art (line, form, color, etc) and principals of design (balance, rhythm, symmetry etc).

    Color theory, artistic techniques in painting, drawing and sculpture will be continuously discussed and implemented throughout the school year.

    I expect all students to complete every project and hand it in.

    Upon completion of projects students will complete a reflection sheet or rubric which will help them to create an “artist statement”. Students will also be expected to participate in verbal discussions and critiques of their work. This will be discussed more in depth in class.

     Class Rules listed below and in order to succeed in art class are to be taken seriously.

    Respect for Self :   I will always do my best; I will positively participate in all classroom activities. Effort pays off! 

    Respect for Others:   I will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others. I will not use “put downs” or harass others, I will respect other people’s differences and opinions.

    Respect for School:   I will raise my hand to speak. I will enter and exit the room quietly. I will complete all assignments on time, and I will actively listen when the teacher is speaking.  
    Respect for the art room and the supplies and materials:  I will follow directions and clean up and properly store materials.


    GRADING SCALE                                                          GRADING CRITERIA

    90-100= A                                                                     Projects                              25%

    80-89= B                                                                       Assessments                     20%

     70-79=C                                                                       Class Participation            20%

     60-69= D                                                                      Portfolios (classwork)       20%

     59--F                                                                             Homework                         15%


    Project Expectation:   Each project will be based on 4 categories. Rubric provided on project to project basis.

    1.  Creativity/ Originality                                
    2.  Meets/ exceeds objectives for the lesson
    3.  Neat in craftsmanship                                
    4. Completion of project

    I look forward to meeting you, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

     Ms. Lisanne McTernan 


    (718) 645-1334