Name: Ms. McTernan
    Email Address: lmcternan@is234.org
    Phone number: Google voice #: 315-992-7973

    Classroom: 315

    Welcome Parents and Students!


    I will continuing teach 7th and 8th grade "Required Art" online until we are able to come back into school.


    Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, classes will resume on time, on schedule and virtually through Google Classroom.

    Parents, if you would like to get alerts on anything google classroom related, please send me your email address and I will include you.



    You may be wondering- how can we paint if we are at home?


    Well, while I am not quite sure if we will be painting (although did you know that you can use coffee or tea to paint?) we will be doing some drawing and uploading to submit, some photography (we all have phones right?) and doing some digital art. We will also be visiting museums all over the world virtually and learning more about art history.

    We will make this work!!!!!  And hopefully art will become your favorite class!








    GRADING SCALE                                                          GRADING CRITERIA

    90-100= A                                                                     Projects                              25%

    80-89= B                                                                       Assessments                     20%

     70-79=C                                                                       Class Participation            20%

     60-69= D                                                                      Portfolios (classwork)       25%

     59--F                                                                             Homework                         10%


    Project Expectation:   Each project will be based on 4 categories. Rubric provided on project to project basis.

    1.  Creativity/ Originality                                
    2.  Meets/ exceeds objectives for the lesson
    3.  Neat in craftsmanship                                
    4. Completion of project


     Please follow us Instagram to see some of the great works of art created by our students!

    Thank you,

     Ms. Lisanne McTernan 


    315 - 992-7973