• *This syllabus provides pertinent information about class policies and expectations. You are responsible for reading it, understanding it, and following it.


     Ms. Cabral                                                               Emails: ECabral@IS234.org                      Ecabral@schools.nyc.gov

                                                                                     Contract for Success

    Welcome Back! The following are things that we should agree upon in order to have a successful learning experience. They encompass agreements of consideration, responsibility, compassion and structure so that the experience with this course can be wholly beneficial for us all.

    The purpose of this course is to motivate and encourage you to be competent, confident, and enthusiastic readers, writers, listeners, and speakers; as well as to provide you with the skills to do so. Language skills are essential tools because they serve the necessary basis for further learning and career development and enable the human spirit to be enriched. Mastery of language skills will ensure that you enter the worlds of higher education and the workplace armed with the tools you need to be literate, confident communicators.

     Academic Standards:

     The following are requirements for the academic work that will be maintained this academic year.

    1. Homework: Homework will be assigned every day. You will be expected to do homework promptly and neatly. Late assignments will be accepted no later than the beginning of the next class meeting. The student will earn reduced credit for any late assignment thereafter.
    2. Tests, Quizzes, and Class Essays: You will generally have advance notice regarding the specific dates for tests and quizzes. That does not mean that occasionally there won’t be “pop” quizzes or other assessment tools. When the assessment is an essay, you will be required to be insightful, and follow a reasonable and organized writing structure. *Late quizzes and exams will not be accepted and there will be no options for makeups.
    3. Classwork: Classwork includes all written materials such as group work and/or independent writing assignments. Writing experiences will take place DAILY during class.
    4. Class Participation: It is very important that everyone participates in class discussion. You will be graded on participation. The way to learn is by asking questions.

     Class Supplies:

    1. An ELA notebook / section- for note taking purposes. As you do your exercises, TAKE NOTES in your own handwriting on paper. Studies show that typing on a keyboard does not have the same effect on memory as does the act of handwriting.
    2. USB --if you like to save and work on assignments offline

    ***Other items will be requested when needed.

    Evaluation and Grading Policies:

    Evaluation is derived from class work, group work, homework, projects, tests/quizzes, personal effort and participation. 

    Student Expectations:

    1. Students are expected to come to class on time.
    2. Students are expected to actively engage in all class activities. Students will engage in a variety of activities and scheduled assignments that might include reading information in the textbook or on the Internet, watching video tutorials and PowerPoint presentations, viewing video clips, and listening to audio files.
    3. Students are expected to pay attention and be on task during live instruction. They are strongly encouraged to be active participants in the class by asking questions, sharing ideas and working cooperatively with peers.
    4. Students are expected to complete all assignments.
    5. Students are expected to read an independent novel every night for at least 20-30 minutes.  
    6. Students are expected to treat everyone with respect. They may not interfere with their fellow classmates’ right to learn.
    7. Talking out of turn, talking to friends while a lesson is in progress is unacceptable.
    8. Any written/oral work that forms the basis of your final grade in the class MUST be your (or your study group’s) own original work. Do not plagiarize. This includes all quizzes and homework. I will report any indications of academic dishonesty.


                                                              LET'S HAVE A WONDERFUL SCHOOL YEAR!!!