Dear Parent/ Guardians

    My name is Ms. Zamora and I will be your child’s Spanish as a Foreign Language teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. I am very enthusiastic about the upcoming year and I hope that you are as well. This year will be a full year of learning. I believe in parental involvement, so feel free to contact me if you have comments or concerns about your child academic performance in my class. My email address is lzamora@is234.org. I’m aware that for some of you this is the first time your child is taking a Foreign language course so it is normal that throughout the year you will have questions that is why I encourage you to reach me if you have any questions.

    My main goal is to establish a classroom where your child feels safe, comfortable, welcome and most importantly motivated to learn. Learning a second language is not an easy task, but I strongly believe that if we work together we can make it easier for your child.

    In order for me to reach my goal I have set up certain expectations for you child as well as some classroom rules. Please read them so you are aware what is expected from your child. 

    Student Expectations

    1. Do your best

    2. Think Positive 

    3. Be neat

    4. Treat others as you would like to be treated        

    5. Come prepare with a notebook for Spanish class, folder, Spanish to English dictionary, homework and index cards

    6. Students are to be in attendance and punctual for all class meetings.  If a student misses class, it is his or her responsibility to get notes and assignments for that day

    Grade policy

    Tests/Quizzes/Projects – 35%
    Embedded/Culminating Tasks – 25%
    Participation – 20%
    Homework – 15%
    Notebook/Portfolio – 5% 


    1. Positive praise

    3. Free homework pass

    3. Star student award

    4. Cougar credit

    Classroom rules

    1. Respect yourself, your teacher, your peers, and your classroom materials

    2. Be prepared for class and have all materials

    3. Pay attention, listen and follow instructions

    4. Be polite

    5. Always use academic language

    6. Never leave the class without permission

    7.  Students would not be allowed to use the pass the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class


    Consequences:  If student fails to follow the classrooms rules, the consequences will be determined based on the situation but most likely.

    1.  Offense: Warning to student.

    2. Offense: Conference with student.

    3. Offence: Phone calls to parents                    


    Agreement of contract

    I understand the rules described above and I promise to follow them.                                                                                                                  

    Student’s name: ___________________________________Date: ____________________________

    Parent signature: __________________________________Date:____________________________

    Phone number:  ________________________       Email:_____________