Social Studies Contract/Supplies

    Dear Students/Parents:


    I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Mrs. Goldberg and I will be your child’s sixth grade Social Studies teacher.  I am pleased to have your child in my class this upcoming year. I understand that the stepping stone from Elementary School to Junior High school may be a difficult transition for your child, as well as yourself.  Due to this, I am asking you to email or write a paragraph or two (or longer) about your child in which you would like to share with me so I can get to know your child a little bit better in order to help make this transition a wonderful experience. In order for me to best support your child, it is imperative that I am updated on any medical condition in which I should be aware of (for example: asthma, allergies, if your child may need to use the bathroom often, etc.)


    I have set the following guidelines, which will be implemented in the classroom this year in order to achieve and maintain a positive educational environment for your child.


    1. Class work – Consists of written assignments, group work, and active participation. Class lessons are based on the content from the homework assignments from the previous night.

    2. Homework -- Homework will be given up 4 times a week (Monday-Thursday; there will not be homework given over the weekend). Every assignment will be posted on my IS 234 website daily (once Pupilpath is fully up and running, the Social Studies assignments will then be posted on Pupilpath. I will notify each child of the changes prior). Each homework assignment will have an assigned number which should be written in your child’s student planner.  In order for homework to be acceptable, it needs to include: the homework number, assignment topic and/or pages, questions written out and answered in complete sentences.  The type of homework assignments will vary.  Please check your child’s planner and or website daily to ensure that he/she is completing the assignments. All homework assignments must be signed daily so you are aware of the quality of work that your child is handing in.

      Homework is due the next day for full credit.  It is imperative that your child completes their homework daily, since the lesson for the next day is based on the homework from the previous night. Late homework will ONLY be accepted the day after it was due for partial credit ONLY. 

      Each child is given ONE invisible pass (IP) at the beginning of each quarter.  An invisible pass entitles you to 1 day to hand in the missed "written" assignment, however you must be prepared for class discussion.  It is your responsibility to show me the homework assignment the next day.  If you forget, the “IP” turns into a zero. 

      In addition, you will have an opportunity to earn a homework coupon (HC), which entitles you to exchange the coupon for ONE written homework assignment.  You are responsible for the reading and comprehension of the assignment, the coupon is just for the written component.


      If your child is absent, he/she is responsible to get the class notes, as well as the homework assignments that were covered for that day.  I will have the daily homework assignments as well as project assignments posted on my website.   It is the student’s responsibility to show me the notes and homework in which they missed when they were absent.  Each child is given 1 day for every day they were absent to make up the missed assignments.  In extreme cases an extension will be permitted- only with a note from a parent.  If the work is not shown to me, the grade will turn to a zero.  

      If you plan a vacation in which your child may miss a few days of school, he/she is responsible for asking for the assignment at least 3 days in advance.


    3.  Assessments 

      Consists of written assignments, exams, and Document Based Questions. All students will be notified of an exam one week prior, in which will give them the required time to prepare for the exam.

    4. Notebook/Portfolio  Notebooks will be checked for organization, neatness, completion, and quality of work. Grades and the completion of  a quarterly portfolio will be averaged into your child’s classwork grade as well.


      ** The school year is broken down into 4 quarters in which your child will receive 4 report cards.

      Study skills – Each child is expected to review his/her notes on a daily basis, highlight the important facts, and write down any questions or areas of concerns that they may have.  Use the daily planner as a tool for organization, goal setting, parent communication, and study skills.


      In order to stay abreast with your child's daily assignments as well as projects, please log onto IS 234's website, click on teachers, then click on Goldberg.  I will post all of the homework assignments, projects, and notices on a daily basis. If your child is absent, he/she can check the website to receive the homework as well. Once Pupilpath is fully up and running, I will then transition to posting the assignments on Pupilpath.

    5. Supplies- index cards (can stay at home until needed), binder ring or index card holder (can keep at home), section for social studies, pens/pencils, colored pencils, construction paper (can stay at home), 2 different colored highlighters, post-its.

    6. Rules/consequences- Please read over the rules and consequences located on the green margin with your child.

    7. Please read over and print the class work and homework rubric.



    It is in your child’s best interest that we work together, with regard to his/her schooling.  For daily homework and project assignments,  please check my IS 234 webpage; click on teachers, click on Goldberg, all of the class assignments will be located on the left hand green margin. For an update on academic assessment grades, please check pupilpath on a weekly basis for assessment updates (a password will be given to your child the second week of school).  If you have any concerns throughout the school year, please feel free to contact me at lgoldberg@IS234.org.  I will return your email within 24 hours. 

    I will discuss this information with your child, but would appreciate if you would review it with him/her as well.

    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.  I am looking forward to working with you this school year.



                                                                                                                    Very truly yours,

                                                                                                                     Mrs. Goldberg