• Ms. Fattah - I.S. 234 8th Grade Mathematics
    Classroom Polcies and Procedures
    Lateness - Will NOT be tolerated
    1. Two latenesses will generate a phone call to parents
    2. Three latenesses will generate a conduct grade of an N for the marking period
    3. Four latenesses will generate a conduct grade of a U for the marking period
    1. An absence note written by a doctor or parent must be presented when you return to class
    2. All classwork and homework must be made up the next day
    3. Any missing tests and/or quizzes must be made up the next day
    4. Excessive absences will affect your grade in this class
    Bullying - Will NOT be tolerated
    1. Any form of bullying will be directed to the Dean's office and serious actions will be taken
    2. Parents will be contacted immediately
    Arrival to Class
    1. Immediately sit in your assigned seat
    2. Leave the homeworok on your desk
    3. Copy new homework and reminders in your planner
    4. Complete DO NOW assignment and copy lesson
    1. Keep all textbooks in excellent condition at home.
    2. Bring Calculators and supplies everyday
    Grading Policy
    1.  All graded assignments will be posted on Skedula and Google Classroom
    2. Parents and students will have access to Skedula to view student progress in real time. Parents must make an account.
    3. I.S. 234 grading policy:
    20% projects, 25% Assessments, 15% Homework, 25% Classwork, 15% Class Participation
    I have read and agree with the terms and conditions stated above.
    Student's Name________________________________________
    Parent's Name_________________________________________