• Supply List for 800,801,802
    Almost all of these items can be purchsed from the 99 cent store. 
    1. Marble notebook for classwork -  It must be brought everyday to class.  All notes are to be done in pencil.
    2. Loose Leaf paper for homework -  Homework will have a full heading, the assignement will be listed, the questions and solutions are present and the homework is numbered.  All homework is to be done in pencil.  Homework with answers only will receive NO CREDIT!
    3. Graph paper pad - We will do a lot of graphing this year.  It is best to buy a pad that have at least 80 pages of graph paper.  Graph paper without holes is best to use.  All graphs must be done in pencil.
    4. Ruler - a  12 inch ruler is recommended but any straight edge will do.
    5. Pencils- At least 3 Mechancial pencils or sharpened pencils.
    6. Highlighter  - any color
    7. Glue Stick - at least 2
    8. Scissors - a small pair with blunt edges
    9. Small Stapler - all work needs to be stapled before being graded.
    10. Sharpener - only if you are using non-mechancial pencils
    11. Eraser
    12. Index Cards - 1 package of 100.  The white ones are the best for writing on.
    13. O-rings - At least 4 O- rings to keep your vocabulary words together.
    14. Graphing Calculator Texas Instrument T.I 84 Plus CE
    Image result for texas instrument ti-84 plus ce
    15. 2 Folder with pockets - There will be a lot of handouts in class.  The handouts are to be dated, numbered and completed fully.  All the handouts will go in one folder and all homeworks will go in the second folder
    16. Red Pen - for hw corrections
    17. Ream of Copy Paper
    19. Markers/Color Pencils
    20. Tape