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    email:   Kferraro@IS.234.org                                                          705, 708, 710 and 717. 
    Fourth Quarter Science Project  due Friday, May 24, presentations begin and continue through next week. 
    A science project is...
           ...an experiment report, where the student creates or interacts with data to form a conclusion
           ....supervised by adults
            ...inspired by the student's curiosity and interests
           ....can be a controlled experiment, secondary research, a design or improve an invention, or a field study outdoors or at a zoo, aquarium, botanic garden or science museum.
           ... includes a presentation to the class as a PowerPoint or 
    A science Project is not....
             ...a cardboard tri-board  (only the school representatives to the Expo are required to build a tri-board display)
             ....only research.