• Name: Lucienne Pereira

    Email: lpereira@is234.org

    Phone: (314) 451-1912

    Classroom: 313


    I am teaching 6th,7th, 8th required visual arts and Enrichment classes. My goal is to offer students an opportunity to discover and  explore their expressive abilities, as well as , to learn about art techniques and Art History.

    We explore drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, and mixed media techniques. 

    I grade students primarily based on their effort to do their best.

    The students are also graded on their participation and respect to the school and classroom routines: mutual respect, care for the materials, respect to the no-cellphone policy, and doing classwork.

    I am always suprised by students creativity and strongly believe that while exercising their eyes on observation; their hands on activity that require motor skills, and their sensibility to aethetics, they are also developing themselves as whole person. 

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    Thank you!

    Ms. Pereira