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Ms. Clarke-Ciscart

 Everfi: Character Playbook

Curriculum Guide

Simulating some of the real-life scenarios that middle school students face, Character Playbook – Building Healthy Relationships builds the skills and strategies necessary to navigate their increasingly complex decisions and relationships. With a focus on Social Emotional Learning, Healthy Relationships, and Character Education, this course blends an expert-vetted curriculum with engaging digital interactivity. The outcome is the first online program of its kind, teaching students how to communicate effectively, understand and manage emotions, reflect on personal strengths and values, and recognize and resolve conflicts.

Each of the 6 online lessons is designed to scaffold students’ understanding of how to address scenarios involving topics such as when and how to intervene in a conflict, selecting appropriate channels for communication, and following steps to make smart decisions.

Each lesson opens with a scenario in which relatable characters are introduced to a complex situation or an important choice. After interacting with this scenario, students proceed through interactive instructional activities, which make up the bulk of the lesson. Finally, students use what they have learned to revisit the scenario and help characters make the right decisions. To make the exercise more personal, students reflect on how the topics covered and strategies used relate to their own experiences.


This course is intended to educate middle school students on healthy relationships, character education, and social-emotional learning.


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